Confederation Cup Live Fixture

KnockOut Stage – Clash of Titans


10- Image ImageImageSE-IN_Natsu
04- Image ImageImageSuici90
04- Image ImageImageTheblackgamer
03- Image ImageImageRAGE-crnk
03- Image ImageImagemiki_isotopos
02- Image ImageImage MAN_Blaky
02- Image ImageImage cristianec14
02- Image ImageImagegrosa79
02- Image ImageImageMomba_Sorin
02- Image ImageImageFA_-I-K-A-_-1O


5- Image ImageImageWalaPL
3- Image ImageImageskillzMAD
2- Image ImageImageiNqizze
2- Image ImageImageBaszczykk
2- Image ImageImageRIR_TiMmOrt4l
2- Image ImageImage miki_isotopos
2- Image ImageImage JesusElx
1- Image ImageImageVortX-SP
1- Image ImageImageRAGE-crnk
1- Image ImageImageFAL-ianCarrick

Group A

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Group B

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Group C

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Group D

South America joins on Knockout Stage

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