iFVPA Director – Juan Anders

SKYPE ID: janders25

PS4 Admin – joaxli

PSN: joaxli

SKYPE ID: johan.al212

Xbox One Admin – Abecedario (Samuel)

Gamertag: AbeeceedariO v2

SKYPE ID: abecedario15

PC Admin – KingLuca and KingEsbeck

ORIGIN ID: BoyZ-KingLuca


ORIGIN ID: Nova_KingEsbeck

3 Comments on Contact

  1. Leonardo Fantozzi

    Hi. One information. I would like member of or Ifvpa Germany or IfvpaSwitzerland. I m player serious. I don’t who contact. Please help me for contact the manager of Ifvpa Germany orIfvpa Switzerland

  2. Dandy

    Is this fifa pro club teams for fifa 16 pc ?

    I cant find any serious teams to play with on fifa16 pc pro clubs…most of them a rude and redicolous players.

    I saw this site and wondered if this is a right plave to find a fifa 16 PC pro club team??

    greetings 🙂

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