FWCC 2015


Welcome to the FWCC 2015 Information Page.

We are now in the Final stages of Launching the tournament after months of hard work! We will soon be on the path to discover who is the best Pro Club in the World! If you’re not in this tournament then its not your team!

All teams in the tournament along with the registered contact are on the left, it also shows the bracket each Team is in. On PS4 / XBOX ONE there are between 63 & 88 teams per bracket, the competition will be a straight KO until there 4 teams remaining in each bracket. 16 teams will go through to the Group Stages.

On PC there is 1 bracket of 81 teams, straight KO until there is 16 teams remaining.

The Preliminary KO rounds before the Group stages will give all teams 4 or 5 matches (some teams got a random bye in the first round to balance the numbers) – With 1 fixture back to back home and away per week this will take 5 weeks to complete.

We do expect that in the first round, we may end up with teams not turning up because they no longer play or changed their minds. So we will be sending Teams through who actively submit their result as DNS (Did not Show)

We expect all Contacts to be able to communicate and organise there match within a given time period. Where this cannot be achieved then matches will have to be played at a Global default Day/Time allocated by the Tournament Administrators.

Winning Teams will be responsible for submitting the Result via the online form provided. Results can only be contested within 24 hours of playing the match after this the result will stand.

We have tried to keep this tournament Simple so it can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of whether you have 2 players or 11 players. You choose if you want to play with an Any or a Goalie, we don’t impose any rule to tell you how to play. It doesn’t matter how you are setup if you’re good enough you will win, its as simple as that!