iFVPA PC Leagues Rating


iFVPA PC Leagues Rating

CommunityFIFA 19 Season 2FIFA 19 Season 1FIFA 18 Season 2Averaged
FVPA France7,66679,125010,34389,0452
VFO Spain8,95317,26566,70837,6423
Proleague INT10,68755,45002,62506,2542
FVPA Italy5,354205,75005,5521
CPF Portugal3,35423,12506,39584,2917
FVPA Turkey7,21881,56252,76793,8497
FVPA Poland3,37504,00003,87503,7500
FFA UK&IRE3,66670,400002,0333

iFVPA Leagues Rating  is used to determine the season’s overall perfomance of the leagues affilated to iFVPA PC in terms of international clubs competitions – iFVPA Champions League and iFVPA Europe League.  Defending champion of iFVPA Champions League and the champion of iFVPA Europa League will receive a Champions League slot that is independent of the community. The slots are distributed as follows:

• Every community will receive an initial slot (everyone is guaranteed 1 slot)

• #1 ranked communities will receive 4 additional slots

• Following 3 communities will receive 3 additional slots

• Following 2 communities will receive 2 additional slots

• Following community will receive 1 additional slots for CL and 2 additional slots for EL

• Following 2 community will receive 1 additional slots

• Following community will receive 1 additional slot for EL



This ranking is subject to change if a community joins or if a community drops but it will follow the same principal.
All these rules applied for both Champions League and Europa League.

The ranking is based on the results of each community’s clubs in the three previous iFVPA Champions League and iFVPA Europa League seasons. If a community didnt participate in one or more of the previous three or just joined, the points are divided by the number of participations.

Points system:

1. Each team gets two (2) points for a win, one (1) point for a draw and 0 points for loosing.

2. Clubs that reach the round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals or final of the iFVPA Champions League or iFVPA Europa League, are awarded an additional points for reaching the stage: 0.5 points for reaching round of 16(qualifying from the group), one point for reaching quarterfinals, 1.5 points for reaching semi-final and 2 points for reaching the final. Since team that wins the tournament gets the slot, additional points are not given for a win in the Final.

3. Points are not given for free win of any kind, either walkover or opponent being banned. Additional points for reaching the stage are also not given.

Coefficient calculation. The coefficient is calculated as a sum of all points obtained by community’s clubs dividing by the total number of clubs representing the community in that season for both Champions League and Europa League, however the points for Europa League results of the community will be multiplied by 0.75. In the case if two communities have the same coefficient, the association with the higher coefficient in the most recent season is placed first.