iFVPA System

The purpose of iFVPA is to provide clean and fair competitions for international teams every year.
To do this, we have built an important network of FIFA communities around the world. iFVPA is proud to be the central point for all of the FVPA communities and their partners.

In Europe we have:
•FVPA Italy
•FVPA Spain
•FVPA France
•FVPA Portugal
•FVPA Germany
•FVPA Poland

In America we have FVPAA, that alone is able to cover the whole American continent.
In Africa we have FVPA-Africa.
This list should make it clear that the iFVPA global network is extended around the world. But that’s not all, we are linked to the biggest community around the world to fix the missing country on our network. You can take a proper look there.

Going deeper to the iFVPA idea and project, we want clarify some points, that usually the users ask to us:

What is iFVPA?

iFVPA is the International FIFA Virtual Pro Association, which acts as a point of reference for all FVPA communities or those directly connected to the circuit. Being part of the iFVPA circuit enables your community to offer an experience as close as possible to real football, with international cups for clubs and national teams. iFVPA is the only site that claim the World Cup and Champions League for the Pro Club mode since FIFA11. Be part of this world and build your own community for pro clubs! Grant your country with a national team, “professional” pro clubs and join the iFVPA competitions.

How can I join iFVPA?

There are different ways to join the iFVPA depending on different factors.
First of all you can join us as a community, as a community manager, as national team manager or a single player.

If you are running a community you can choose to join us building a FVPA Website* or you can ask for an iFVPA affiliation. If the Country you want to represent is not listed in our team ranking and you are not running a virtual pro community you can join us as internal iFVPA Community.

How can I be affiliate with my community?

If you run a Virtual Pro Community but you don’t fulfill the minimum requirements you can still apply for the iFVPA Affiliation. Becoming an affiliate will give you the opportunity to collaborate with the iFVPA. We will direct pro players from your country in your community, we will support you with our experience and you can join all our tournaments.

The affiliation give you all the rights of the FVPA websites with the exception of our virtual pro applications.

To apply as iFVPA Affiliate you must fulfill the minimum requirements below:

•You must run a virtual pro community
•You must run the national team on iFVPA.com appointing one iFVPA Community Manager and National Team manager
•There is no other affiliation for the platform and country you want to represent
•You must show our logo on your homepage as affiliated to the iFVPA

Apply for the affiliation here.

How can I be a Community Manager for my Country?
The Country Community Manager is one of the most important role within the iFVPA Organization.
Depending by your partnership with the iFVPA the country community manager has different duties.
FVPA “official” Websites appoint their own community manager – he will be the representative of the FVPA website in the iFVPA Network. He has to report all the info required back to the iFVPA for the organization of the season.

The Community Manager is elected by the community through each communities own internal rules.

How can I be a National Team Manager?

National Team Managers are appointed by the iFVPA Community Managers (for internal communities) by FVPA Websites or Affiliated communities on their own. If you want to be a team manager you need to get in contact with the community that represents your country. Contact the admins for further information.

How can I enroll my VP?

Aims to become an international star. Create your Virtual Pro on our site, join your team, and always keep your stats updated in the league though the great VPN System, and show everyone that are your numbers that speak for you!

How can I enroll my team?

Do you think your team is the best in the world? There is only one way to verify it, face the other best team in the world! Register your team on the FVPA Community / Partner for your country, and invite your players, we will keep your stats up to date and compare you and your teams stats across all registered pro clubs across the world.

Domestic Team nationality?

To avoid any misunderstanding about this matter, on the FVPA Network, inside VPN we have introduced the country of origin rule, where a team must be composed at least by the 60% of player that belong to the country of registration. For iFVPA competitions like Champions League you can only play from the community/country you are registered from and 60% of your players must also be from the same Community/Country.

How the nationality of my VP is checked?

To avoid any misunderstanding about this matter, with our VPN System, it is possible (and mandatory during registration step) to set your country. This will link you to it and to the National Team for which you could play for. Remember that it is totally forbidden to swap from a National Team to another. The single linked communities (FVPA or not) have the rights to decide on their own if a player is allowed to play for their National Team or not.

Can my National Team be taken over by another Community?

At the start it was easy to fill places in national teams but as time has gone on, more and more communities are being created, it is also the purpose of iFVPA to protect the communities within its network. To ensure this is possible iFVPA also asks that communities also respect that working with communities outside of the network could cause problems for other FVPA or partnered communities. The message must remain clear, if you want to play in an iFVPA National team, you must apply and play from the community it is hosted at regardless of where you play any other form of Pro Clubs.

In extreme circumstances where it is clear a community is not doing anything to try and promote their national team, then the iFVPA community manager will speak with the community owner to discuss it further. If a partner site becomes inactive then a new community could take over a national team, aslong as they are not in direct competition and could harm the partner site in any way. In this scenario we may look to run the national team from a central location like the iFVPA temporarily.