iFVPA Nationals

iFVPA what is next?

Most of the community has already seen the news about VPN joining with VFO, many of you may be asking what does this mean for the future of iFVPA?

We can assure you that the future for the iFVPA competitions never looked brighter, one of the main reasons why VPN and VFO merged is to bring the VFO experience and the professional Clubs to the international stage, in the near future we will see official club teams participating in the international tournaments and the national teams represented by the professional players from some of these clubs.

What if your club is not a professional team or if your community has not launched VFO yet? Not to worry if your amateur club does qualify to an international tournament you will compete vs the professional teams representing the different countries. If VFO has not started in your community yet, you will also be able to participate in the international tournaments and compete vs the best VFO teams in the world.

We are also proud to announce the iFVPA World Cup that will be kicking off in May in all 3 platforms.

iFVPA World Cup Registration for PC

iFVPA World Cup Registration for XBOX One – TBA

iFVPA World Cup for PS4 – kickoff May 21st.