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iFVPA World Cup – The Final!

GermanyPolandFabrizioBenschReutersIf we had to bet on who would come in the final, most likely we would have made ​​their names.
Not for demerits of the opponents, but for a well-established historicity in competitions that count in iFVPA.
We are facing with two teams that definitely have the best winning streak in the history of the Club Pro on PC section, and are as well as co-founders of the international project started back in 2012 by iFVPA and FVPA.

We are going to close this season FIFA14 with a show unprecedented (to be honest they have already met in the final of the Confederations Cup), and this hype is what follow the kickoff between Germany and Poland.

In the final of the Confederations Cup iFVPA were the Germans that raised the Cup, showing their immense versatility in the field.

The Polish have their attack that would whiten even the most courageous. There is not only the killer of the box Natsu to frighten, but an endless list of players ready to pierce any defense at the first chance.
The German defense, however, is strong enough, thanks also to years and years of training and wins.

If it was easy to guess the two finalists, it is almost impossible to imagine the winner. Both teams have great strengths in their favor, and very few weakness against.

We just have to wait and dream with both teams.
Good luck to all for this wonderful World Cup final iFVPA


The Final 31.07 21:00 CEST


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