Match Result Tutorial

The match report has to be sent by each manager (one per team), then the manager will have to submit the player stats.

This is the right way:
1.- Get into the VPN and go to the main menu “Pro Clubs -> Report match”.

2.- In the next screen, you have to click on the “Pencil icon button” of the match you’re going to report.

3.- In the next screen, we have to select our 11 (or your number) players that have just played the match by clicking on the player’s checkbox. Or report a fortfait win.

4.- In the next screen, you have to select each player position, the system automatically puts the position of the player, but if he has played on a different position, you have to change it.
Once you are done with players’ positions, you have to select a player of the match from your team by clicking on the radio button at the right of the players (you can only choose one).
Next step is putting the match score.

If the opponent’s manager has already submitted the match report, you will see the score on the text boxes, so just make sure it is the right score.
If it has not submitted the match you will have to put the score on the text boxes.
Next step is submitting player stats.
Pick a player from the players dropdown menu, then pick the type of stat you want to add and finally put the number of events of this stat on the text box at the right and click “Add”.
You will see that a new row is added to the bottom of the page. Once you’re done submitting player stats, click on “Send” and you’re done.