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    This game should be played:

    Sunday 29 May

    The agreement must be entered on Sunday (default day) within the hours 18.00 (GMT+2) with confirmation of both managers. If both captains do not confirm, automatically the match must be played on the day and time of default (Sunday 22.00 GMT+2)*

    *see "Default Time Match of American Teams"

    Agreements game mode

    - A Manager, will have to agree to the time of the match through this post, any agreements between clubs not posted on this topic will not be considered valid;
    - The game must be played no later than the next round (last day to play the match is Friday)and will not be granted further extensions except in special cases granted by the staff
    - Possible problems relating to the matches must be posted in this topic
    -of forfeit win requests must be made in this topic.

    Request postponement Match:

    - a manager can request the postponement of the match, up to 4 hours before kickoff, he admitted that the opposing captain to accept postponement

    insert mode request:

    the Manager of the team requesting the postponement must use the following form:
    Match: Italy vs Spain
    Manager: pavbur80
    Date: 24/05/16
    Time: 23:00
    Time Zone: CEST (+2 GMT)

    the opposing manager if he agrees to write accept or I do not accept, and you may propose another day and time using the same form (with relative confirmed or not, the opposing manager)

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