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    Envy Us Cream Massage lines of the neck and decollete are located in the center of the sternum and go to the clavicular region, pass along the front surface of the neck from bottom to top, and also along the side surfaces of the neck from top to bottom. Keep in mind that the skin on the face is quite thin and delicate, so it needs more thorough care. For all necessary procedures, use high-quality products. So, for example, vegetable oils will be an excellent option - apricot, coconut, almond, etc. Before that, do not forget to thoroughly cleanse the skin, taking into account the massage lines. When working with your face, remember that the hands must be relaxed. For you, the reference should be the feeling of softness and tenderness that is created during touch. Never rub your face with your hands. If you follow all the rules of skin care, you will feel how it responds to you in return and gratitude. Do not forget about massage. In this case, the movements can be slightly more confident, but still have to remain gentle and neat. If you feel that your hands are cold, pre-warm them. So you speed up metabolic processes and activate the lymphatic system, as well as contribute to more active collagen production. If your skin is extremely prone to redness and irritation, then you should treat it especially carefully. You should carefully select funds for daily and supportive care and carefully study the composition before buying new products. But what if the irritation has already appeared, and you urgently need to get rid of unattractive redness? So, first of all, you should find out the cause of redness. In case it is an allergy to any remedies or food, drink an allergy pill .


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