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    1. Competition Structure:

    1. Competition Structure:
    1.1 Teams invited to AFRO-ASIAN CUP [PC] will be divided into 2 groups(Group Stage).
    1.2 Top two teams of each group will be qualified to the second stage(Knockout Stage).
    1.3 The knockout stage will involve a round of semi-finals and Final

    2. Match Result Submit:

    Make sure to check the tutorial before match submitting -https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WphhJZVF8bHh5vtw6rSppA0h9sdAHDi7I-EZxbGI8h4

    2.1 Team manager is obligated to enter into VPN results of the game including full match squad of his team, scorers and assists, yellow and red cards if available and also to pick Man of the Match from his team(not necessarily MOTM out of both teams).

    2.2 This process must be done by both teams and each must give confirmation or not of the truth results entered by the opponents.

    2.3 The maximum allowed time to confirm a result is 48 hours, then it will be considered automatically validated.

    2.4 If you have submitted wrong info on VPN, or have any other issue with Virtual Pro Network, create a detailed post on this section of forum:

    3. Matches Structure:

    3.1 Group Stage:

    3.1.1 - Matches of the group stage will involve the clash of all teams belonging to their own group.

    3.1.2 - Matches are assumed to be played Home and Away at the same day, unless rearranged by mutual agreement on the forum. Home and Away games on the group stage are considered as separate point gaining opportunities. Game Points divided as follows:

    Win: 3 points

    Draw: 1 point

    Loss: 0 Points

    3.1.3 - First match (Home) must be hosted by the team that stands first in VPN headline. The second one (Away) accordingly hosted by the team that stands second on the headline.

    3.2 Knockout Stage:

    3.2.1 Matches on the knockout stage are assumed to be played Home and Away.

    3.2.2 The team that has better goal difference proceeds in bracket.

    3.2.3 Away goal rule is applied.

    3.2.4 In case of a perfect draw third match must be played. Team that hosted first game, should host the third game as well. Golden Goal rule is applied.

    4. Default Day Thursday.
    4.1 Team Manager can ask for forced reschedule (without mutual agreement) once per group stage and once per knockout stage on the topic within 24 hours from Wednesday 's match. Forced reschedule is made only for Reserve day.
    4.2 Day can be changed only if both managers agree to the change. However please, arrange the games to be played BEFORE reserve day.
    4.3 In the case of not having mutual agreement and no forced reschedule arranged match must be played on the default day and time.
    4.5 The official reserve day is Thursday. The reserve day is used when the forced reschedule was asked. Forced reschedule is ONLY for Thursday 21:00 CET.
    4.6 If the teams agreed to play, and one team doesn't come to the game within 30 minutes after agreed match time, it receives default 1-0 loss.

    5. Default Time 21:00 CET which is 20:00 GMT :

    5.1 Team Manager can ask for a change of match time within 24 hours of the day of the match.

    5.2 The time can be changed only if both teams agree, otherwise the default time 21:00 CET will remain*.

    6. Leaving the Match:

    6.1 It is allowed to leave the match in case of any problems within first 10 minutes of the game, in order to solve issues (as player drop-outs or connection problems). If a team leaves after 10th minute it is given default loss 0-1, unless both managers agree to continue the game or to accept the score on the moment of disconnect.

    6.2 If a goal is scored before 10th minute - it will be counted, even in case if it has been scored meanwhile one of the teams was leaving the match.

    6.3 You will have 3 possible attempts to start the match in case of problems (to be clear, 3 complete invitations sent and received). After 2 attempts it may be possible to propose the opposition manager to move the game on the reserve day (paragraph 4.5) . This will be possible only if both sides accept that solution and reports on the forum's thread instantly. If there is no agreement after two attempts, 3rd attempt must be tried and it has to be played regardless of squad or lag problems.

    7. Withdrawals.

    7.1 If a team leaves the competition on the group stage, all the opponents will be awarded default wins 1-0 , including matches already played .

    7.2 If a team leaves the competition on the knockout stage, the opponent team will proceed in the bracket.

    7.3 Team that dropped out of competition will be banned until the end of current FIFA season. The manager is immediately removed from the position.

    8. Yellow and Red Cards:

    8.1 In case a player gets a red card he will have to abandon the match in order to avoid using the ANY POSITION.

    8.2 Player that received a red card will be able to play again after serving one-match ban. If a player got a red in a the first game of the double game match, he must skip the second one against the same opponent, and not the next round.

    8.3 No yellow card accumulation is applied in the tournament.

    9. Help's Requests:
    It's possible to ask the Admin support about the match no later than 48 hours from the conclusion if the matter is not reported on the rules book. If the protest is submitted after 48 hours, it can no longer change the outcome of the game.

    10. Goalkeeper blocking:

    10.1 Goalkeeper blocking is NOT ALLOWED, even if the game engine allows to do it, charging, moving and bugging opposite goalkeeper on any type of free kick, corner etc.

    10.2 You have to provide a video as proof (streaming or recorded video work fine) that there was a clear charge on goalkeeper.

    10.3 Goal scored with the keeper blocking will be cancelled. Depending on the severity of the case a team may get the default loss 1-0 for the keeper blocking.

    11. Roster Composition:

    11.1 The registration limit is 23 players. Squad list must be composed from players representing at least 2 different clubs.

    11.2 The minimum number of players to play an AFRO-ASIAN CUP [PC] match is 4, the players that can play the matches have to be present in the rosters indicated by the captains on their Squad List.

    11.3 If a team is not able to have 4 players for a fixed match of the tournament, the opposite team receives a default win 1-0.

    11.4 If a player that is not registered in the roster of his team by his captain plays an official match, his team will lose that match by default loss 1-0.

    11.5 If a player changes the OriginID during the tournament, he is obligated to change the Origin ID in the VPN and report about it on Forum.

    11.6 Before 22th of February at 23:59 CET, you must submit your squad lists in order to avoid any trouble. If you are unable to submit squad even in time for your first fixture, your team receives default loss.

    12 .Use of ANY is NOT allowed. If a team uses ANY, it will receive a default loss in that match by 1-0. To fight GK freeze issue, if both managers agree to use ANY, it is allowed.

    13. Cheats and Cheaters:

    13.1 The captains of the various teams will have to self-protect themselves and as a result, protect the entire community, checking the values of its players even in matches outside the FVPA, in order to prevent possible coalitions of players that use cheats, exploits etc..

    13.2 All videos posted or requested for the iFVPA competitions have to be checked first by the captain who will have obligation to report immediately any attempt to cheat.

    13.3 Measures will be taken to all the captains and teams that will not signal their cheated players, with the obvious purpose to hide the fact.

    13.4 A specific issue of VP100 (maxing pro using external software) is considered a semi-cheat, therefore users found using it and their captains will face disciplinary actions and team will get default loss in every game VP100 player was playing in.

    14. FIFA Bugs:

    Specific FIFA bugs are considered a Fair Play issue. Its better if captains agree on the each issue prior to game.

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